Wednesday, December 8, 2010

False Peace Order Accusation

My client was accused of stalking a stranger. She claimed that my client was following her for approximately 10 minutes at 12:20 PM on November 29 in Silver Spring. She gave a very detailed description of the stalking and harassing activity. She stated further that the next day she saw him at the convenience store and again he was staring at her and bothering her. On cross examination I pinned her down as to exactly the time and place where the original stalking and harassing occurred.

My client testified that he was in a staff meeting at that date and time in College Park. I had his boss and the secretary also testify that he was there. Clearly the judge found in our favor and in his written decision stated that "there was no evidence of anything" that the respondent did. I don't think that the petitioner was mentally unstable or lying but clearly made a case of mistaken identity. It cost my client money, time and potentially reputation.

There may be a mechanism to clear his reputation. If you knew my client's name you could find him on the Maryland Judiciary case search website. My client is an important man with national security clearance. Maryland's Gen. assembly ennacted a statute which took effect on October 1, 2010 providing for sealing or shielding of cases of this nature which result in either dropped charges or a dismissal. If you have a peace order or domestic violence petition against you and it is dismissed or you win in court, you should look into having the case sealed were shielded from public view. I would be happy to assist you.


Crazy GAY at W. Joppa Road said...

I have had similar situation, my neighbor is a mentally unstable and he used to sexually harassed me since I moved to my property less than a year. He then issued me a peace order with false accusation such as: trespassing, harassing, and staking. He did that the moment I figured out he is a gay (he wrote his sex in the court documents as a female). I have a lawyer and I am confident I can face his false charges but seriously all what he did is just pure lies. He has been trying so hard to hide his sexual identity by harassing me, he is the stalker not me. He is the one who deserves reputational damage.

Crazy GAY at W. Joppa Road said...

There should be a law against mentally sick transgender in this country.