Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Circle Treatment Center PC and Group Presentation

I have been practicing law for 27 years. One of the advantages of acquiring gray hair is invitations to speak before certain groups.

Circle Treatment Center, PC in Gaithersburg Maryland asked that I address their students regarding drug and alcohol education. The teacher there seemed well-informed and interested in his students. He was enthusiastic. I was able to speak to the students about the consequences of drinking and driving and how it affects their lives in the court system and their drivers license.

I spoke for probably one hour dealing with a chronology of the usual case which is the initial stopping by the officer through what happens and what possibly may happen by the time the case is over in the court system as well as for the motor vehicle administration.

Circle Treatment Center PC was kind enough to send me a letter of appreciation. The letter was very nice but it was also somewhat humorous. I quote:

"The information that you covered was precisely what the class needed. The presentation could have been better. As a substance abuse program, we feel it is imperative that the information is conveyed in an accurate and understandable manner, which your presentation undeniably accomplished"

I suppose my presentation could have been better. Do you think they meant to write "could not have been better"? Perhaps my ego is bigger than I think.

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