Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Robbery Charges Dismissed (wait a minute, didn't I just read that?)

My different client was charged with robbery.  The victim claimed that my client as well as several other men took her iPhone at a party using force.  Several days later the victim was again accosted by the same or a similar group of men and more items were stolen.

Interestingly, her iPhone apparently appeared in Washington DC on some sort of electronic phone market.  The Metropolitan police contacted Montgomery County and they began developing a case.

In this case I had access to a very engaging and disarming investigator.  The investigator was able to find the victim and take a lengthy statement. It seems that my office was able to speak to the victim before the prosecutor did.  This is important because the interview can have an effect on the memory.  My investigator is very neutral and asks open-ended questions trying to get to the bottom of the matter in a fair and balanced way.  Sometimes an interview can be slanted and the witness's memory pushed into a direction it would not normally go.The victim in her statement had a poor memory of the events and was certainly not identifying my client with sufficient detail to prove that he was involved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecutor to her credit saw the problems with the case and dismissed the charges.

When you hire your attorney it is often worthwhile to find out if the law firm has an investigator available.  The investigator may cost additional money but is often worth the expense.

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